Coolhunt Instant Gratification: The WrapStove

What it is: The WrapStove is a mobile microwave. You can use it anywhere you go. You are not tied to one place and you can use at any time.

Why it is COOL: The microwave is very compact and modern. Thereby, it does concur that people increasingly want to eat outdoors and want their food fast. The product is also easy to store. They are better than portable burners, because at the burners you have to refill the gas and extinguishing flames during windy times. induction cooking stoves are compact. The WrapStove here follows that norm and comes fitted with tiny magnets in the sleeve, to cling onto the vessel. It’s a flexible thang that is fashioned like a rolled up towel and wraps around the cooking pot. It switches-on only when the end tab is folded and the temperature is set via a touchscreen.

Designer: Wonchul Hwang


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